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Co-op Solutions is a nationwide credit union network supporting their members with industry-leading ATM, digital payment, security, and marketing services.


Product Designer

UX Researcher

Front-End Engineer

Product Manager


March 2021 - February 2023


For two-ish years, I was the primary design consultant (and secondary development consultant) for the redesign of Insights Center, a web-based reporting platform that helps credit unions understand their credit, debit, and ATM portfolios. I initially started the project as a designer but as the project grew, so did I! My domain expanded and my responsibilities started to look like a hybrid of a designer, developer, and a product manager. Thankful for my team and the client for giving me the space to go head first into this new world. I also worked on a couple other fun projects along the way like THINK 2023 site and aiding in the development of storybook components for Springboard.